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Web Developer, Happy Cog
Nov 25, 2019
Developed and launched a new website for Zink Foodservice, providing solutions for commercial customers in the food service industry in Midwest USA.

I built a custom WordPress theme based on Roots' Sage, with the project and dependencies managed with Roots' Bedrock. Utilizing custom post types and fields, the main feature of the site is a directory of manufacturers and representatives across multiple segments and regions.

Other tech used includes Sass and Vue.js.
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Lead Web Developer, The Refinery
Web Developer, Happy Cog
Mar 25, 2020

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, stores were experiencing major shortages of common household items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. It was difficult — and sometimes nearly impossible — to find these items and more.

Over a weekend, I built & launched, a free crowdsourcing web app where users could share what they estimate stock levels to be at various stores so others could at-a-glance get an idea of what essential products a store might have in stock.

The goal was to provide a free service during a time of need; to help people limit their time searching for essential household items so they spent less time in fewer stores and more time at home to help slow the spread of COVID.

It was a major success, with thousands of businesses tagged with tens of thousands of individual reports submitted across the country in over 40 states.

Thankfully, the need for has gone away — meaning there is less panic buying, and stores are more regularly stocked. was built with Vue.js, Vuetify, Google Firebase, Google Maps API, and hosted on Netlify.
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Web Developer, Happy Cog
Started 11 months ago
Currently building a custom ecommerce frontend for a global leader in consumer products with over 120 million annual pageviews and $30 million annual revenue.

The new site is being developed with Nuxt.js / Vue.js and Tailwind CSS with a headless Craft CMS backend managing marketing content.
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Lead Web Developer, The Refinery
Junior Software Developer, prezzybox
Started 11 months ago
It's been incredibly interesting and challenging to be developing/migrating Prezzybox's front end framework from AngularJS to Vue.

While we're at it, we're ditching Gulp and going all in on Webpack. 

Oh, and we're adopting TypeScript as well. 

It's a busy time 😅
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Senior Laravel Developer, Yammayap
Mar 01, 2021

Today at Yammayap we launched Spotaplot! 🚀🥳

Spotaplot analyses all residential plots of land in the UK to assess their viability for further development opportunities.

I'm incredibly proud of my work on this project which comprises of 3 main parts - a geospatial data processing engine, the public-facing web application and a marketing site. As the sole developer, I could write thousands of words about my work on it, but here's a very brief overview:

  • Geospatial data processing and analysis with PostGIS
  • Back-ends built on PHP with Laravel 8
  • Front-ends built with Inertia.js, Vue.js, Alpine.js and TailwindCSS
  • Working with big data (some datasets consist of hundreds of millions of rows) from Ordnance Survey, Land Registry, Environment Agency and other UK government agencies / official bodies
  • Heavy integration with Mapbox GL JS for client side mapping
  • PDF generation with Puppeteer and headless Chrome
  • Stripe checkout integration for payments
  • Integration with several other 3rd party APIs
  • Hosted on AWS
If this sounds intersting to you, I'd love to talk more about it!
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Senior Laravel Developer, Yammayap
Software Engineer, CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
Mar 28, 2021

Second Runner-Up Haxplore'21

In a 48 hour hackathon, our Team KnighMode developed a student collaboration platform for a better learning experience amongst student in pandemic affected online semesters.
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