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Sr Developer Advocate, Ably
Apr 12, 2022
Created an open source project to demonstrate how collaborative creative coding sketches can be made with p5js and Ably. This can be used to create interactive art installations across several locations that work in unison. 

Live demo:
GitHub repo:
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Freelance Content Creator : Podcast/Writer/PR, Etc, Freelance/Various
Nov 17, 2021
Gave a talk about creating your own world and stories through data, numbers and code for Black Data Week in 2021

Information can be found here:

Videos can be found here:
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BackendDev & DevOps, Bitbull
Jan 10, 2022
Created a simple application using Vue 3 and Electron that: 
  • list AWS CLI's configured profiles from credentials file
  • assume the selected one and list information about the logged user
  • launch a terminal with AWS_PROFILE and AWS_REGION environment variables set. 
  • open the switch profile web page in order to login to the correct account and region.

Repository: daaru00/aws-cli-launcher
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BackendDev & DevOps, Bitbull
Sep 07, 2021
Create a Shopify theme using Petite Vue as minimal frontend framework. The main reason behind this experiments is finding something more comfortable then Vanilla JS to develop Shopify frontend without too many frictions. 

Petite Vue can be injected in the Liquid template (with some considerations) without too many problems. It is light (~6kb), fast and the one/two way binding and reactivity make frontend components development more easy and manageable.

Repository: daaru00/shopify-theme-petite-vue
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Frontend dev, Bag-Era
Nov 11, 2021
Some captures from Super Mega Face 0.1:
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Freelance Content Creator : Podcast/Writer/PR, Etc, Freelance/Various
Oct 25, 2018
A short abstract animated film that I programmed the audiovisuals named, "RAIN, WHYARE YOU HERE?" got selected in the 2018 Edition of the Punto Y Raya Festival

Coded with Processing and Sonic Pi
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