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SEO Consultant Specialist, Impulve
Started 8 days ago
Tired of struggle for keywords and website position? Visit Impulve.com and take a look on how you  can have a better position on Google with our SEO Consultant Specialist!
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SEO Consultant Specialist, Impulve
Developer, Rodney Lab
May 11, 2022
Just wrote a new article introducing the Temporal API Cheatsheet.

It's built as a static 🚀 AStro site with no need for Svelte, React, etc, just code in Markdown, TypeScript and Astro markup.

Hope you find it useful!

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Content Manager @ Neil Patel Digital India, Neil Patel Digital (India)
May 07, 2022

Starting to #Blog can be a tough call to make, especially for newbie writers.

Still, almost "7 million blogs" get published every day!

So, if you've not yet joined this bandwagon, here are the top 5 blogging benefits you must know about:

#1 - It improves Your Writing Skills
#2 - Helps you land a lucrative job offer
#3 - Establishes your Authority Online
#4 - Enhances your Knowledge of a Subject
#5 - Helps you Network & collaborate with other folks in the industry

Read about these benefits in detail & simultaneously learn how you can set up your blog & make it successful in 2022.

Check out the detailed guide here - https://mannkizubani.medium.com/beginners-guide-on-how-to...

P.S: Still confused about how to set up your blog? Hit me up, and let's discuss!

#ContentCreator #BloggingTips #writing  #mannkizubani

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Technical writer, Miro
May 02, 2022
I edited not one, but two new blog posts for the Miro engineering tech blog:

As a veteran Mironeer, Artem gave me insight into how Miro has evolved from the early days, through hypergrowth, to the company I joined about a year ago.
To put it really simply, Miro is a place where good people do good work, and it feels good.
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Technical writer, Miro