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Lead UI/UX Designer, Convey
Aug 06, 2018
Facilitated first my remote design sprint with a client in Hong Kong.
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melanie court


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Extremely Proud Member, Brand Orchestrate
Mar 25, 2022
Had such a blast working with these extremely creative boys on an innovation platform soon to be launched in the Netherlands


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Founder / Senior UX Consultant, Siso Solutions
Feb 10, 2020
Ran a design sprint for Westpac.

Design Sprint covered the onboarding process for new companies looking for business banking. Included online verification.
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Senior Product Designer, zeroheight
Started 4 months ago
Kicked off a design sprint with the team at zeroheight
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Senior Product Designer, zeroheight
Product Designer, Minna Technologies
Oct 11, 2021
Successfully facilitated a hybrid Design Sprint around new and exciting product areas.

Doing a sprint hybrid was new to me. Previously I've only done either in-person or remote sprints. I've learnt a lot and grew as a facilitator.

Top 2 learnings:
  • Timekeeping is harder, due to the fact that certain activities goes faster remote than in-person
  • Engagement between participants is tricky. Try to always let the persons remote go first in presentation rounds, votings, etc.
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Product Designer, Minna Technologies
Product Designer, Minna Technologies
Feb 28, 2018
Went to AJ&Smart workshop with Jake Knapp to further develop skills within facilitating design sprints
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