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VP Product, NFTPort
Dec 31, 2021
This is the story of how I spent a year trying to start a startup and failed.

Much like the year itself, the story is long and windy (4500 words), but it seems important to share what it was like at the time. That is, with full detail, and without the benefit of hindsight.
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Database Administrator, The University of Texas at Austin
Dec 01, 1996
Served as technical founder and editor-in-chief for WordAlone, a bridge platform for writing about and organizing for spiritual renewal. Early midwife of two new Lutheran denominations.  
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Technical Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief, WordAlone
Technical Coordinator, Siteocity
Mar 14, 2022
I totally failed at hatching these Sterna Corydora eggs 😩 They got all fungus-y. I did however buy some methylene blue to help prevent that from happening in the future. Now I just need to wait for mamma cory to lay some more eggies!
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Co-Founder & CEO, Wabi
Jan 12, 2021

+35% CMGR in net revenue and +9k products sold without spending on marketing

We were building Bluu:
Meesho for LATAM. We make it easy for first-time entrepreneurs to sell products to friends and acquaintances over social media without investment. We provide the catalog of products and do fulfillment so all they have to do is sell.

  • One of the 100 best startups from Colombia in 2020
  • 35% CMGR in GMV since we launched without spending on marketing
  • + 9,000 products sold through our marketplace
  • + 6,000 customers
  • + 2,000 products in our marketplace from Colombian suppliers that had never sold online
  • 1 of the 3,000 startups selected by Y Combinator for advisor track with a YC alum as our mentor on startup school. More than 15.000 startups applied.
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Technical Coordinator, Siteocity
Feb 28, 2022
Since this past Friday or so I had been working on setting up a new Kubernetes cluster along with a fresh instance of GitLab. I had wanted to get this setup as I'd seen several people having some issues connecting or using self-hosted instances of Gitpod along with self-hosted instances of GitLab.

After several hours worth of time in getting things setup I hit a snag with setting up the container registry within GitLab, specifically the SSL stuff. I deemed it was just too much of a hassle to continue on and I think I have given up for now. Perhaps it's something I can take a look at another time...

If I do give it another look, I might try using the Gitpod on a single machine deployment with a public IP address, and then deploy GitLab on another VM with a public IP address so I can take advantage of it utilizing it's built-in feature with Let's Encrypt.
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I was selected maintenance coordinator by my teammates for the Expotalento Virtual project for a year.

This project was a website created by a team member at that time (if you are reading this Juan Lovera, thank you so much for everything, you are awesome!) and it was promoted on campus to help students find internships and jobs. I was not able to accomplish all of the things I wanted (due to a lot of workload from college) but that experience gave me an understanding of the importance of having a better organization and to commit only to what I can deliver.

Also, it was the first time I was coding, maintaining and deploying code in a live production environment and it was AWESOME. It was a PHP website and I remember one of the tools I was using was Dreamweaver (oh god, those days).

In 2014, I made a promotional video for this website and if you are interested to see how the portal was at that time, you can click here

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