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Senior Product Engineer, Group One
May 01, 2021
Decided to launch a side project on Product Hunt for the first time. I released an alpha version of Sutle, a platform for saving and organizing online resources into a directed learning path, and surprisingly it got featured 🔥 Am so happy that it is also being received well by the community.

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Maxime Preaux


Grayson Hay


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Senior Frontend Developer, Distribute Aid
Nov 01, 2021
My work at CodeSee was featured on Product Hunt!

My team worked hard on building tools to support developers understand and review code better and faster.
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Principal Software Developer, CodeSee
Product Designer, Akveo
Oct 24, 2021
Today, the Locked.app was featured as #5 app of the day on the Product Hunt 🔥
👀 Product Hunt Page
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