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.NET Developer, Banco Central de Costa Rica
Apr 30, 2022
The Phoenix Project 👌
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Corporate Projects Manager, Solenix
Mar 31, 2022
In January 2022 a new person joined my team, which marked the beginning of my role as a team manager. I was extremely excited about this, and also anxious: I really wanted to establish a rapport of trust and openness with this person. So I prepared an onboarding plan in advance, which I shared with them from day one - despite it not being ]fully polished/finished - so they had visibility of what would happen in the coming days and weeks, and also for them to keep me accountable.
I tried to the best of my ability to apply not-so-archaic management techniques as the ones suggested by Radical Candor and KYT, and tried to foster a culture of feedback between us.

Things seemed to be going well, and indeed they were! :) During a check-in session held 3 months after the start they explicitly said that they felt happy and cared for in our work relationship, and that they appreciated that I focused not only for their performance and task execution but also for their general wellbeing and mental health, which hadn't been the case in previous jobs. I must say this was the most impactful feedback I ever got from a colleague, which made me super happy and proud! 
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Corporate Projects Manager, Solenix
Admissions Ambassador, Lesley University
Jan 11, 2022
Over my winter break from college, I read The $16 Taco: Contested Geographies of Food, Ethnicity and Gentrification by geographer Pascale Joassart-Marcelli. This book helped me realize my side interest in sociology with its accessible descriptions of gentrification occurring in three different neighborhoods of San Diego with charts, images, and maps. I highly recommend it! 
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Senior Software Engineer, Hint
Feb 02, 2022
Support Engineer, Travel Syndication Technology
Jan 22, 2022
I finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I found the book valuable in collecting excellent information about developing positive habits and getting rid of unwanted ones. I was somewhat annoyed with the sports analogies, but they don't outweigh the book's usefulness.
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Dec 31, 2021
Finished the Euphoria Online series by Phil Tucker! I've been taking a look at the LitRPG and GameLit genres over 2021 as a gamer and it's been quite the journey across fantastical worlds and storytelling. I've also read some of Tucker's other works and have been loving them.

It's been a great year for reading!
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