Fixed a bug in an open source project

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Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Feb 03, 2022
Made a minor contribution to open-sauced/open-sauced, doing a bunch of small but useful stuff:
- removing Dependabot entirely as it was workflow spamming us unable to peer multiple dependencies together
- fixing diagram visualizer artifacts in the release process
- switching npm dependency update to online-first
- updating all our dependencies to their latest versions 
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Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced
Software Engineer, Rock Solid Knowledge
Sep 23, 2021
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Data Science Intern, IBM
Sep 10, 2021
Fixed Travis!

In certain edge cases (*cough* GitHub Enterprise, Deploy Keys), Travis will just not deploy. Whoops.

This is no longer an issue… if you use my fork of the dpl tool in your pipelines. (I don't recommend this.) Upstream knows of this PR, and might merge it at some point.
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