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Frontend Developer, Jakmall
Nov 02, 2021
I just completed "JavaScript: The Hard Parts, v2" by @willsentance on @FrontendMasters! 
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Frontend Developer, Jakmall
Oct 20, 2021
I just completed "A Practical Guide to Algorithms with JavaScript" by @BiancaGando on @FrontendMasters! 

what I'm getting from this course
1. I know a little recursion how it works
2. I know a bit what is Memoization
3. I know what the different Binary search and Linear search
and the lecturer mentions merge sort and bubble sort
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Full-Stack Developer, kaldera
Aug 26, 2021
finished the #svelte course by rich harris on frontend masters 
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Software Engineer, ESRI
Aug 25, 2021
Just finished Design for Developers by Sarah Drasner on Frontend Masters.

What an amazing course! I learned a lot about design, CSS tricks, grids, layouts and compositions, photoshop tricks, typography, image optimization, and prototyping. Can't wait to put this knowledge into practice now :)

Here's my final design from the exercises: 

That photoshop grid has come a long way :D also a big fan of all the architecture & Swiss design references.

Thank you so much for this great course!

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Full Stack Developer, Philly Marketing Labs
Jul 18, 2021
Spent some quality time learning the basics of React on Frontend Masters.

Pros: Starting from "this is the bare JS underbelly of the thing, then add in tooling and fanciness" was a helpful view into the guts of how things work.

Cons: It's not Vue. :)
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