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Staff Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
May 19, 2022

I hosted Netlify's first Twitter Space all about the Jamstack

Curious about what Jamstack is? Need some data. Catch up on a chat with Phil Hawksworth and Laurie Voss for the lowdown.
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Staff Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
Full Stack Developer, INGTES AG
Started 19 days ago
Twitter Spaces  Event Announcement

Get your LinkedIn Questions Answered this Friday...

  • Why should I build a community on LinkedIn?
  • Why do I need a «personal brand»?
  • Why should I categorise my content?
  • How to transform my CV into a  shopping window?
  • What is the Social Selling Index?
  • What third-party tools exist?
  • Who to follow about LinkedIn?
  • How often should I post?
  • How to message people?
  • Do I need LinkedIn premium?
This Friday!

w/ @Let_Anita and @jost0101
Set a reminder now:
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Joshua Poddoku


Ruth Ikegah


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Developer Relations, Aviyel
Apr 29, 2022
Listening to the core creators of the Open Source projects is always backed with excitement, insight, and thoughtfulness.

It was really great to host Esther, Developer Advocate for Chakra UI.

  • We talked about some of the biggest issues confronting Open Source communities.
  • Sustaining contributors and expanding their involvement in the project
  • Keeping the community interested
  • Maintaining the project is a full-time task that might lead to burnout.

    Thank you to Ruth Ikega for discussing the topic of community health and developing some key indicators, rules, and methods.
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Developer Advocate, SAWO Labs
Apr 23, 2022
New blog on Breaking into Developer Relations out !! Thanks to Atul who helped me out with this. It also a sum of the twitter that I had hosted few days back! Do let me know in comments your reviews! 
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Junior Developer Advocate, GitHub
Apr 22, 2022
Part two of the Twitter Space I hosted about the world's first e-ink laptop
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Junior Developer Advocate, GitHub
Apr 22, 2022
Hosted a Twitter Space with Alex Soto about the World's First E-Ink Laptop. 

This is part 1, we had audio issues
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