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Senior Community Advocate, Orbit Labs
Apr 07, 2022

Study Group: Bad Actors and Edgelords

As part of Orbit's conversational education series, I hosted a workshop with Bryan Robinson on the importance of proactive moderation in your community.

About the workshop:
In this study group — attendees will learn how to create proactive moderation strategies + gain confidence approach bad actors or edgelords within their own community.

At the end of this group, you will walk away with the skills to be able to handle those tough situations as a community builder and keep your community safe.  We’ll also share our best practices for community codes of conduct.

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Senior Community Advocate, Orbit Labs
Code Sensei, Code Ninjas
Mar 06, 2022
I helped host an event on PogLords. It's a red rover type game, where the host calls out either blue or yellow and the players run to one or the other side. It gets progressively harder as time goes on.
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Admin, PogDream
Senior Community Advocate, Orbit Labs
Feb 25, 2022

Launched Changelog Friday Series!

Bryan and I launched a Changelog Friday Series at Orbit — where we'll be sharing our latest updates and working to continuously build with the community in mind.

At this most recent event — we went over the latest product updates that Orbit had + demoed how to use them at Orbit.

Read the latest updates + keep your eyes peeled for the next one on March 25, 2022!

In the meantime — come join the fun with us on Discord!

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Community Advocate, Orbit Labs
Web developer, The Australian National University
Jan 22, 2022

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Night Watch Party

Hosted an online social event for Atlantis - had a handful of attendees for the first one!
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Developer Advocate, GitHub
Oct 28, 2021
Organizadora e apresentadora do Meet-up Feministalk Hacktoberfest.

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Co-Founder and Streamer , Feministech
Operations (Founding Team), PHX
Sep 22, 2021
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