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Growth product lead , Amplitude
May 16, 2022
After about a year of angel investing and 3 seed investments, I decided to share more about why I angel invest and some of my investment theses. Feel free to subscribe to this Substack newsletter if you want to read more about my investing journey!
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Product Director, Polywork
May 03, 2022
Proud to back Jacob Sandry and the Euclid Power team! 

Euclid Power is a software platform for the renewable power industry. Jacob has spent his entire career investing in renewable energy projects. As the industry has grown from a small, fringe segment to making up a very meaningful portion of new energy capital investment, Jacob and his cofounders have been at the frontier of developing techniques and no-code tools (Excel worksheets, Smart Sheets) that improve their teams efficiency, accuracy, and investment returns. They have tested these tools on the cutting edge of solar and solar + storage deals, and have invested billions of dollars behind them. 

Euclid is now bringing these tools and techniques to the broader industry, through custom-built software. The market is exploding, forecasted to grow from $100B to over $1T in the USA alone over the next decade, and Euclid has a first-mover advantage to be at the center of it. They've bootstrapped to millions of dollars of annual revenue, from blue-chip clients in their industry. 

Jacob is also my second former roommate that I am backing. Hopefully he turns out to be better at founding a company than assembling shared furniture :)
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Founder & Head of Product, Efficient App
Jul 01, 2021
Invested in Motion
Motion is an all-in-one time management platform to help you get things done - whether it's managing tasks, scheduling meetings, finding focus time, or achieving deep work state.
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Founder, WeRug
Mar 02, 2022
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Cofounder/COO, Piggyvest
Jan 25, 2022
12th Angel Investment completed! 
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Early Stage Investor, Angel Investor
Dec 26, 2021
In 2021 I made over 20 small private/angel investments 

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