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Started looking for a professional developer job (after 6 years of hobby dev). Checked some Developer CV tutorials, refreshed my CV, and after 2 weeks already got serious responses.
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Even being a mechanical engineer I decided to learn the JAM stack a few months ago. Decided for FastAPI and React JS. After a few months finally achieved nice working apps.

Now need to refresh my CV and hunt some job options for an entry level developer.
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June Lane



Feb 16, 2022
Going through a lot of articles I have found an article which described the issues german companies have to find a skilled employees. Especially in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) there are many open positions to be filled up. Maybe I should go to Germany for a new adventure? :)
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Application Development Analyst, Accenture
Jan 22, 2022
Open to New Opportunities, Please let me know in comments
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Sr. Recruiter Advocate , Vaco
Oct 04, 2021
Obviously as a recruiter/sales person, many people know what I do.

However, not many people know WHY I do what I do.

Video by Kamren Kennedy
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I just started out with UI/UX, I don’t mind an internship program to keep me busy, meanwhile #DailyUI has been doing me good, sending me designs. I have gone past day 50 and it is an amazing experience. Please help this brother. 

PS I also have basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript 
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