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Software Engineer, Extreme Networks
May 17, 2022
I Beta-Tested Dan's product Care.

Please checkout the product here (
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CEO, Finnily
Started 5 days ago
Teamwork is one thing, but efficient teamwork is another thing. Combining tasks such as notes, task lists, calendars, etc.

Imagine this as reducing duplicate allotment of work, quick update on tasks, visiting calendars of team members to plan your work. All this will save time, increases work speed, and promotes efficiency.

Sounds great!

Hence, I am happily collaborating with the team of 'DIWO' as they start with the version for individual use and gradually move to add features for teamwork.

I will be sharing about the beta test experience of DIWO soon.
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Mar 18, 2022

Beta Test of a Virtual Escape Room

Beta-tested the "Escape the Island" Escape Room by Gather and Raid the Room! 🏴‍☠️

We had an absolute blast and laughed a lot. 😁

Find out more about this Escape Room here.
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Owner, Fuse Radio
Started about 2 months ago
I am currently working with the team over at Phlokk to beta test their new social media app.

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Technical Coordinator, Siteocity
Mar 18, 2022
I was finally able to successfully deploy the KOTS version of Gitpod this morning. I believe due to my non-standard Kubernetes setup it was a bit more of a hassle than normal.

I am highly impressed with the work that's been done on this so far. It's really going to make deploying Gitpod super super simple!
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