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DevOps Engineer, Dropbox
Feb 13, 2022
Relaunched my blog platform & renamed it as 'The Opal Blog' sharing all of my blogs & content focusing on Neurodiversity, Inclusion, Tech, Career & Opinion Pieces.
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Developer, Ekron Digital Solutions
Nov 25, 2021
Launched From the Tech Front

Content is still slow 🐢 but good things are a comin 🤤

Go say Hello World

New post: 

To Battle !

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Director MEU Leader Data and Analytics, Mondelez International
Dec 10, 2019
Launched the Food and Restaurant Critic Blog Gourmetian
Home | Gourmetian -Restaurant reviews, recipes and more.
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Web Designer, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Jan 01, 2022

Launched my blog on my site

Happy New Year Y'all! We're actually off to a good start this year, all things considered. I've been wanting to put out a blog for a while now but I keep overthinking it… as I do. So, I finally just…did it. We'll see where this goes.
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PhD Student, National Tsing Hua University
May 08, 2021
Launch TUI THÍCH HỌC page - All about my learning journey

Tui thích Học – Live. Love. Learn (
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Founder, Woody3
Oct 20, 2021
Hey Polyworkers, one topic close to my heart is making the most of creative work in our remote world. I decided to write one article a week about this in Woody's Land.

I enjoy writing, but always had a fear of hitting submit. That's why I set up my own "Brain Trust" - an  accountability team of 4 - and each one help make my work better in their own way.

I published my 1st article, and would love to hear your feedback!
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