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Co-founder/CTO, ShelfLife
Apr 13, 2022
We launched account creation and an updated quoting process for CPG companies using ShelfLife!
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Product Designer, DeepSource
Sep 16, 2021
Designed the new Analyzer directory for DeepSource to keep the page in sync with the new design language.

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Developer, Ekron Digital Solutions
Dec 19, 2021
Added React markdown parsing for product descriptions and more info...

Check it out 👉 Click our ReadMe buttons, it's kinda cool 😎
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Lead Product Designer, Lilt
Feb 28, 2022
Improving the way our linguists can check for inconsistent translations across the project, which is a common issue with larger linguistic projects with multiple people assigned.

Work included:

  • collaborating with the PM and other stakeholders on honing the problem statement
  • user research: interviews, surveys, quantitative data analysis
  • building and testing the interactive prototype in Figma
  • collaborating with Engineers on implementation details
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Lead Product Designer, Lilt
Product Manager, Heroes Jobs
Dec 07, 2021
Social profiles!
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Nov 13, 2012
Interactive digital menu

Together with my colleague Bruno Almeida, we thought of a way to innovate the presentation of a supermarket that the agency served. The product design chosen was a basic model of a digital interactive menu, to simplify service and present daily offers to customers. We analyze the main sectors with daily price changes, based on the biweekly printed offers catalog that we used to do.

My work:
  • Hand draw wireframes
  • Graphic interface, pause-&-end-screens 
  • Understanding categories
  • Test on monitors installed in the market area
  • Observe the tool in use
  • Incorporating stakeholders feedback
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