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Assistant Professor, Doane University
Mar 10, 2022
Released my second zine, You Are What You Eat Now Go Live In It.
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Student, Columbia University
Sep 01, 2020
After 6 months of tireless work, Adam Reisfield and I finally released Picnix on the App Store!

Sadly, this also marks the end of our venture. While we love our product — and have many users who share that love — we’ve discovered Picnix isn’t viable as a business.

We poured our hearts and souls into building this company and we're deeply saddened to discontinue it.

It’s the end of an era — but that doesn’t mean we’re finished. We’ll be having more sleepless nights on our next venture before you know it.
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Co-Founder, Picnix
CEO of , Truss
Feb 25, 2022
Hey Polywork Folks 👋 Super excited to be here.

My team and I recently launched and I am looking for feedback & early testers.

Our platform delivers expert advice to Creators/Entrepreneurs who have questions about growing their businesses. 

Our beta is completely free right now - feel free to ask a question to one of our experts or reach out directly if you want to get involved! 
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Senior Customer Experience Specialist, Whimsical
Jan 09, 2022
Excited to launch A community first response to the challenges of the short term rental market in the Scottish islands which results in a lack of affordable housing for permanent residents. Part of the Isle Develop CIC portfolio.
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Director, Product Design and Strategy, Hone Networks
Dec 06, 2021
Hone Networks has LAUNCHED for iOS devices!
Download on the App Store now.

Use referral code for access: 845CA2

Connect your groups and coordinate how you golf.
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Co-founder, Ayanza
Dec 06, 2021
With the team of 8 awesome people we just launched new product called Ayanza. Ayanza helps team to achieve their biggest visions. It have multiple features which supports you on the way such as team activities, project management(kanban, tables..), newsfeed and many more.

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