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Product Manager, Kale
Mar 07, 2022
Getting oat milk for the office kitchen at the Tonight Show used to give me anxiety.

And it showed.

My boss told me that I made them nervous when they asked me to go on production runs.

They said, “you're an intern. This is where you're supposed to make mistakes. If you want to succeed, just be hardworking, competent, and enthusiastic."

I internalized these words as my recipe for success in the entertainment industry.

And I've been lucky to work at some cool places, but this romanticized view of my career didn't last.

🍵 Let me tell you about my problem with the entertainment industry...

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Chief Marketing Officer, Mission Cultivate
Mar 16, 2022
⚡️Do you think the world would be a better place if creatives developed their leadership, and leaders embraced their creativity?

I do too. 👍
That's why I just launched Lead Creative - a weekly curation of thoughts, tools, and resources to help creatives lead and leaders create.

I just scheduled the first issue.

Get Lead Creative at
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Mobile Engineer, Uber
Feb 28, 2022
Launched my newsletter Out Of Scope. 🗞
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Director of Engineering, Resolve to Save Lives
Feb 16, 2022
Want to hear more about engineering leadership, nurturing teams, and building modern software with care?

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DevOps Engineer, Dropbox
May 11, 2020
Launched 'The Opal Newsletter' giving subscribers access to exclusive content from (formerly & providing resources for people wanting to learn to code.
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Creator, Salman Needs A Job
Mar 28, 2020
India focussed newsletter navigating the COVID-19 situation, delivered Mondays & Thursdays (previously daily). Project in the graveyard after 78 issues.
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