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Data Scientist, Waterstons
May 18, 2022


ahhhhhhhhhhh how has this happened??? approximately 1000 more people than I thought would listen!

I do have one teensy thing to ask from you though, person who is reading this! If you have any ideas for ridiculous business ideas to make your life more fun please please please get in touch! We love hearing people's ideas, and will always (well, within reason..) read out an email on the show! We don't need the business idea to be "sensible" - just fun! Find us here!

Our show, Brains on the Outside, celebrates creativity and the ridiculous ideas for businesses you wish were real - what if you could get food pumped into your house through tubes? what if you could get a train ticket that let you drive the train? what if there was a social media website for dogs? You get the idea - things that are wonderful, wholesome, and exciting! Things that would make our lives extraordinary!
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Freelance Web Developer, Self-employed
Sep 12, 2019
Launched podcast on how to build real product features with Elm.
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Founder, Adapted Growth
Sep 09, 2019
We worked for 3 months to build and launch Sales Throwdown a podcast about sales.

B2B sales takes on many different forms and we wanted to highlight that along with talking about how different personalities approach selling.

We are all students of DiSC, a popular personality assessment used in hiring and assessing talent. Our show is unique because each of the hosts sits in a different area of that assessment.

We currently have over 80 episodes on topics ranging from hiring, to quotas, to building better relationships.
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Writer/Analyst, Seeking Alpha
Aug 07, 2020
Launched a podcast called "The Trend is Your Friend." It's a show that explores topics and finance and society. I produce and host the program and try to take a politically agnostic viewpoint, form opinions based on data, and predict outcomes given known information. Guests have included start CEOs, media professionals, and authors of books.
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Correspondent/Host, Vice News
Dec 02, 2021
Launched a podcast: If Everybody Knew, a project I'm working on for Princeton University. The first one is titled '...about the black musical that disappeared forever, twice', and I'm pretty damn proud of it.

I did the editing, logo creation, and music composition. 

Check it out if you like:

Now, I just have to ...make the second episode.
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