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Launched an entirely redesigned app! 
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Head of UX,
Senior Experience Design Consultant, Exo Digital
Dec 13, 2021
We launched our complete redesign of a series of Small Business Accounts forms after over 6 months of design iterations, stakeholder reviews, and legal changes. ✨
Visit the new forms:
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Senior Software Engineer, Italic
Oct 12, 2021
Just launched with @mikeflores 🔥 😎 
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Software Engineer (iOS), Samaritan
Oct 30, 2018
Released Samaritan Citygoer 2.0 including the redesign of the app using Swift and started migrating away from Reach Native and ObjC.
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Software Engineer (iOS), Samaritan
Senior Software Engineer, LaunchDarkly
Dec 15, 2015
Writeup on the launch fo the Job pages redesign we launched in 2015:
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