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Software Developer, REDspace Inc
May 06, 2022
I launched a simple web app to help visualize the depth for football ⚽  teams.

I wanted to have an easier way to picture the depth of different positions for a football team without manually writing it down. To solve this I created the app with a design borrowed from the game Football Manager 2022 and I made a few adjustments after I used it for a little bit.

Check it out and let me know if you have questions, suggestions, or comments !

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Software Engineer, Integral Ad Science
May 04, 2022
Working on Rewwind 🎉

When you discover a great word, do you remember how you found it? Chances are it'll be a while till you find that great word again.

With Rewwind, you’ll know exactly where to go if you need that great word again!

Checkout Rewwind on Product hunt
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Software Developer, YesLogic
May 02, 2022
I ported Linked List from Ruby on Rails to Rust in some spare time over the last week. Went really well and will hopefully be less onerous to maintain in the future. There's still a few post-deployment things to improve but it's been running well so far.
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Software Engineer, CertiK
Mar 29, 2022
Deployed a Flutter web application connected to a machine learning API I made with Python, and Docker!

The web application can predict food images based on their URL link, and is deployed to Heroku using Node.Js

You can check the app here:
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Started about 2 months ago
Syntaxis, el editor de sintaxis para docentes de lengua.
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Senior Front End Developer, Fusion92
Mar 09, 2022
Wrote a new Vue.js 3 app to chart out some COVID numbers by state and county. The composition api is much easier and nicer to work with than I expected!
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