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Director MEU Leader Data and Analytics, Mondelez International
May 21, 2022

Get important tasks done first with AI Decision maker and task priority manager. Bring your life goals and business ideas to life with this useful task priority manager.
The One Thing: Get Things Done - Apps on Google Play

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Consiglia Viaggi

Consiglia Viaggi is a distributed information system aimed at offering a modern multi-channel support platform for travel-related content.
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Mobile (React Native) Engineer, Patchwork Health
Feb 01, 2022
Launched a new mobile app on all platforms (at work).
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Mobile (React Native) Engineer, Patchwork Health
Founder and CEO, SHORTCAST
Apr 09, 2022
Hello, amazing peeps on Polywork,

I'm super excited to share with you that my startup Shortcast is finally out with our Android and IOS mobile application.

What is Shortcast?
Shortcast is Twitter for audio, a social micro podcast platform that simplifies the way people express their thoughts, ideas and more as easily as sharing a tweet in 99 seconds or less. As well as discover and engage with audio stories from interesting people from around the world.

Download Now:

User Invite Code: SHORTS

What's in it for you ? 
Are you a Creator?
Well, brace yourself to join in as our first 99 super creators who will be getting an exclusive Golden Mic NFT and a chance to join us to make the Shortcast semi-DAO and more.

Join the waitlist/ to know more, click here -

Are you an interested User?
As one of the first 100 users on Shortcast, you stand a chance to win our exclusive UserX NFT airdrop happening in May 2022 and a chance to join our community.
Join our Telegram channel to know more -

What are you waiting for you?

Let's record a SHORT... 
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Product and Marketing Lead, StormPay
Mar 30, 2022
Some good news from our team. Finally, the StormPay app is live. This is the first small step for us to become a true Financial Lifestyle app where customers can manage their financial and non-financial lifestyle.

What you can do in this version of the app is to subscribe to our waitlist, invite family and friends and track your progress.

Stay tuned more updates are coming.
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Android Developer, Huawei Technologies
Dec 16, 2020
It’s such a joy to work with Denis. This first version was designed for Russian audience, and we plan a significant shift for the future, which would make this project a perfect platform for studying math worldwide.
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Snr IOS Engineer, Canva
Dec 16, 2020
We have published the Math Exams application for iOS, macOS, and Android. The application is to prepare high school students for the final math exam. Thanks to Ivan for this fantastic collaboration! I look forward to continuing to develop and improve this application. So that it will include more complex tasks, precisely check the answers, and suggest the fastest learning paths to the students individually.


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