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Engineering Manager - Product & Platform Services, Accenture
Apr 23, 2021
Delivered solution for new 'public' web API and cloud notification hooks to allow customers to integrate with an existing healthcare product's system. Led the development team defining implementation details, reviewing code, and making technical decisions.

API was implemented in .NET Core and hosted using AWS ECS and Docker, supported by AWS Simple Notification Service and AWS Cognito. Special care was given to developer experience, with rich documentation and consistency in API requests and responses between endpoints and actions.
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Principal Consultant, Headspring
Staff Engineer, Hustle
Sep 17, 2018
Developed for Current Products Corp, we launched an API to service both their internal apps and consumer apps.

It allows users to manage their accounts, register new devices and hubs, and create scenes, groups, and schedules for them. For the hardware team, they're able to push new binaries to hubs and devices without needing any user interaction from their admin panel.

It also shipped with an MQTT server to handle sending commands to hubs and devices instantaneously at scale.
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