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May 21, 2022


I have updated the GitHub repo of octaValidate and this script is 100% ready to be used in your project.

octaValidate is a tiny Script that helps to validate your HTML forms using validation rules, sophisticated regular expressions, and form input attributes.

I have also included a demo file [demo.html] which you can look up if you need to use my implementation.

Download this script from GitHub

Here's a demo file

Here's an article on medium explaining how to use it
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Lead Software Engineer, Sapa
Mar 25, 2022
Just launched a brand new app my team has been working on for a while! Already nearly 1000 users and going strong!
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Volunteer, Hellenic Badminton
Mar 24, 2022
Formie is a simple Discord Bot to manage your Applications in Discord over very simple and user-friendly Slash Commands/Labels! Please note that his project is still in development and that we're currently focused on fixing bugs and errors. Join our support server to receive your Early Tester role!
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AML Officer, FinTech
Apr 10, 2019
I'm super excited the Mobile app start-up I co-founded won the 1st price as the start-up of the year 2019 in Cyprus📱🥇 #startup #mobileapp #innovation #marketing #android #ios
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Entrepreneur, Self-employed
Head of Digital and Content, EDF Energy
Oct 01, 2020
Launched my app: a directory of beautiful boutique hotels with pool around Europe. 

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Co-founder, Permify
Nov 28, 2021
Happy to launch Permify!!

It's a Plug-&-Play authorization API that makes your apps flexible with custom access management
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