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Virtual Assistant, Virtual Gurus
Sep 29, 2021
My very first online course ever launched today with Virtual Gurus Academy! If you have clients that want to open a Shopify store, but you're not familiar with Shopify, this course is for you!
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Purchasing Expert, SBB CFF FFS
Sep 20, 2021
YAY!! Ich hab Vollgas gegeben, um meinen Onlinekurs „Selbstmanagement - smarte Veränderung“ zu launchen! Jetzt könnt ihr euch in den nächsten Tagen voll in eure eigene Veränderung stürzen.  Ich habe viel Arbeit in den Kurs und das Arbeitsbuch gesteckt. Ich vermittle das Wissen kompakt, strukturiert und Schritt für Schritt. So kann wirklich jede davon profitieren, auch wenn du nur kleine Veränderungen anstrebst. Ich bin mir sicher: dabei wird viel Mehrwert für dich rauskommen! Und wenn du Fragen hast: Ich bin für dich da!

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Jul 10, 2021
Beat Making For Beginner's Course On Sale
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Senior Power Platform Advocate, Microsoft
Nov 19, 2020
Hey folks! Do you or someone you know think they would do great in a tech job, but don't want to learn to be a traditional developer and need an easy way to get started?

Myself and the rest of the Power Platform advocacy team at Microsoft have created a totally FREE 8-10 hour Udacity course to help people learn how to create apps for the web, tablets, and phones AND how to find a get a job doing just that! No trials, no credit cards: totally free.

Find it at
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Senior Power Platform Advocate, Microsoft
Founder, DeFiNet
Jun 08, 2021
Launched my first online course today!

How to Create a Community-Driven Course

Online education is going to completely revolutionize the world. But there is a gap between being able to offer courses that are widely available (Massively Open Online Courses, MOOCs) and those that are much more effective (Cohort-Based Courses, CBCs).

Community-Driven courses try to get the effectiveness of CBCs while building out courses at the price point of MOOCs.

Check it out here:
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