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Senior UX Designer, NCR Corporation
Sep 25, 2021
Launched my redesigned personal portfolio!

Decided to redesign and migrate my old portfolio from Netlify to Webflow CMS, and it saved me a lot of time having to manually code and test everything!

Link to my portfolio!
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Staff Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Started 4 months ago
Day 2 of #100DaysOfNoCode 

I built a digital journal to track my learning journal using @airtable and Carrd!

Check it out below 👇
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UI Designer, RIMAC Seguros
Oct 10, 2021
Inaugurating my Polywork account by sharing the MVP for my website at 🌈, just showing past projects for now but I will be updating it with news and resources I'm making 
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Art Director, Lilium Digital
Sep 28, 2021
After a lot of time and multiple behind the scenes redesign, I decided not to wait to finish my whole website but to design and launch a decent landing page that will have all the information.
I also worked on and launched, or better yet, put up the signup form for my newsletter which I decided to call - Desing Journal. This will be my blog for now. Every month or so I will publish an article talking about design and happening behind the scenes on the projects I currently work on.

Kemal Avdovic - Brand Design and Direction -

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UX Designer, Bohemian Innovation
Sep 23, 2021
Finally launched my personal website/portfolio
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Last week, I created a personal website. Messed around with the color scheme for hours & I'm super happy with the way it turned out.
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