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Database Administrator, The University of Texas at Austin
Dec 01, 1996
Served as technical founder and editor-in-chief for WordAlone, a bridge platform for writing about and organizing for spiritual renewal. Early midwife of two new Lutheran denominations.  
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Technical Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief, WordAlone
Head Of Growth, Fundstory
Jan 27, 2022
Passed 860 Twitter followers.

Some call it a vanity metric, but I've made great connections and helped people learn about (and soon access) non-dilutive funding options.

You can follow along too!

If you want to learn about non-dilutive funding options visit (remember to join the waitlist😊)
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Head Of Growth, Fundstory
Jan 25, 2022
We launched our brand new website

Our waitlist is live to get priority access to the app.

Check it out!!!
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Founder, wiasano OG
Dec 07, 2021
Now we can start to find collabrators and test-customers.
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Founder, wiasano OG
Creative Director, Copyscenti Creative Labs
Oct 22, 2021
Just formalized the launch and expansion of my teams Direct Response business.  Will be looking for new collaborations with other copywriters, designers, web developers, and other neurodivergent (totally love that tag) creatives.
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Social Media Manager, Comotomo Philippines
May 17, 2020
My partner and I launched Coconut Bowls Philippines. This brand does not just promote sustainability, we also offer fair-trade to our Filipino farmers and artisans. #GawangPilipino #ParaSaPilipino

The coconut bowls are all-natural, biodegradable and made entirely from coconut shells, meaning once they "retire" from use, they can be composted and no waste is left behind.

We have been expanding our list of products from then on. We now have coconut plates, cups, wheat straws, and more.

We're taking our brand slowly but surely! We still have a lot in store for our customers, and we are open for more opportunities.

To learn more about our brand, you may check our website at or contact us at
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