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Student, Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
Apr 25, 2022
Started Nucamp Front-end Bootcamp a few weeks ago. It great to be coding again and brushing the dust off. I feel a great wealth of once dormant creative energy coming to the surface.
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Software Developer, Western National Insurance Group
May 03, 2022
Learned/Reviewed Bootstrap via Angela Yu's Full Stack Web Development course on Udemy.

Section 6: Introduction to Bootstrap
Section 7: Intermediate Bootstrap
Section 8: Web Design School - Create a Website that People Love

Completed tindog (dog tinder) website challenge:

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Contract QA Reviewer, seanwes media
Jul 08, 2021
🎓 Graduated UC Berkeley Extension Coding Boot Camp
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Backend Software Engineer, Reveal
Dec 01, 2020
Finished the freecodecamp Certification responsive web development
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Frontend Developer, The Collab Lab
Jun 14, 2021
4 months training with SheCodes.io learning HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and React. 
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