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Programmer, FRC Robotics Team 467
Mar 31, 2022
Completed Unit 1: Kotlin Basics of the Android Basics in Kotlin course

I created a non interactive happy birthday card, a dice roller, and for my final project I made a lemonade app!

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Software Engineer, Capital One
Aug 09, 2021
Started a new role in Android | Mobile 🤖 
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Full Stack Dev, Self-employed
Aug 08, 2020
Built Artista - Style Transfer App Written In Kotlin
Built a native android app using Kotlin language that harnesses deep learning's style transfer technique to create elegant media on your smartphone, without any cloud services/internet. It uses TensorFlow lite to achieve that. Moreover, I wrote an algorithm that preserves the photo's aspect ratio - no cropping/loss of content.
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Developer Advocate, Adyen
Jan 01, 2022
Became a #Kotlin Google Developer Expert!

Thanks to Paulien van Alst for referring me 😊.

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Started 4 months ago
I plan to start a #100KotlinDays as I learn in public and share everything I'll be learning. Super excited to improve my Kotlin skills and build stuff.

Anyone is welcome to join if interested!
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Product Intern, HighRadius
Sep 11, 2021
I just published Making Simple Spring Boot Application with Kotlin and MongoDB

What do you think is better for server-side Spring with Kotlin or Ktor?


#kotlin #ktor #springboot 
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