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Day 76 #100DaysOfKotlin

Learnt the following concepts:
- ArrayList and it's functions
- hashmaps and it's functions
- super and this keywords
- inheritance and polymorphism
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Programmer, FRC Robotics Team 467
Mar 31, 2022
Completed Unit 1: Kotlin Basics of the Android Basics in Kotlin course

I created a non interactive happy birthday card, a dice roller, and for my final project I made a lemonade app!

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Programmer, FRC Robotics Team 467
Mar 28, 2022
Began learning Kotlin and Android Development

Started using my current knowledge of Java to start learning android development and Kotlin

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Day 8 of #100KotlinDays

My wifi started acting up so I didn't do much

- started a Git & GitHub course on Udemy & setup WSL 2 
- solved 20 problems from JetBrains Academy
- covered 3 topics from stage 3 of the basics of Kotlin track
- updated my GitHub repo for notes
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Day 6-7 of #100KotlinDays

Forgot to post day 6 because I was super busy.
- worked more on the GitHub repo for my notes & content
- solved more problems on Kotlin
- covered 5 topics in stage 3 of the Kotlin basics track on JetBrains Academy
- worked a little on chatty bot project
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Day 1 of #100KotlinDays

- Revisited the basics 
 - Read Chapter 1 & 2 of Head First Kotlin
 - Solved some exercises on the official Kotlin website
 - Started the basic track on JetBrains academy and worked on a Chatbot project (still in progress) and made it to stage 3/5 

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