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Software Engineer, Era Software
Apr 01, 2022
Started learning rust using Exercism.io
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Founder, Epic Teddy
Jun 03, 2019
After spending a few months learning Rust, I published an open-source developer utility written in Rust. github.com/woubuc/sweep
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Head of Internal Software Development and Digitalization, ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH
Jun 30, 2021
Full Stack Engineer, StashAway
Jun 25, 2021

Lazy async operations in Rust

Post: https://joshchoo.com/writing/rust-lazy-async-operations

I learnt that Rust does not execute Futures (analogue to JavaScript Promises) until they are "awaited" (i.e. lazy behavior). On the other handle, JavaScript promises execute regardless of whether we "await" them. In my post, I explored how to simulate JavaScript's approach to Promise handling using tokio::spawn() in Rust.
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