Learned Styled Components In React

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React Web application that provides an analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume, and market capitalization, and also display the information on charts.
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Front-end Developer, Retornar
Sep 27, 2021
During the React Bootcamp second half, we've developed a web application with data persistence in LocalForage. The Markee App consists of a markdown editor with a preview board.

Besides React.Js, were also part of the experience best practices and project organisation well accepted by the community.

Main technologies used on development:
Styled Components

Markee App features:
New file creation;
Title and content editing;
Title and content rendering conditional the active file;
Select active file to be shown ;
Error and sucess messages displayed for the user;
Status automatic update between 'editing, saving, saved', also displayed to the user, with symbols;
File's deletion once X button is clicked;
Hover effects on buttons and links.

Netlify link to the App: https://lnkd.in/expX5x6F
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Front-end Developer, Retornar
Sep 27, 2021
I have dedicated last september to learn ReactJS with one of the biggest references in web development scenario in Brazil, well known for his habillity to teach, Fernando Daciuk has not let us down. 
During this bootcamp we have used Typescript, Styled Components, React and JSX.
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Here's my featured article on Hashnode.  It's all about how I manage my animation/transition state using XState, and Styled Components

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Front End Engineer, BlockFi
Aug 03, 2020
Built a collaborative full stack web and mobile application with React, Styled Components, Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB.

I was responsible for all Front End implementation, which helped me learn Styled Components and now I'll never go back when working with React!

Waste Watcher is a web and mobile application that makes recycling fun. It provides a way to track what and how often users recycle and shows users the impact they're making on the environment. Points are awarded for every item recycled-- every 100 points a digital tree is planted. The ultimate goal of the app is to spread awareness of how important recycling is for the environment, and make recycling more accessible for everyone.

This project has authentication implemented, so you can create an account and track your recycling habits. It's completely responsive so you're able to do everything on mobile as you are on web.

All code on Github
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Junior Software Engineer, TilliT
Jul 03, 2021
I began working on an Instagram clone this weekend to improve my dev skills. So far I've implemented the design for the feed page. It's been a great opportunity to practice styled components in React. I'm excited to add authentication, authorisation, and CRUD functionality to make it a working app. Watch this space! :)
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