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Staff Software Engineer, Govalo
Feb 15, 2022
Learning about Server Sent Events to (as suggested) send events from a server to a client.

Sure, I could just use websockets, but there are some benefits to using SSE.

First - they're unidirectional, events only flow from the server to the client. This could reduce the attack surface of your application.

Second - they're built right on top of HTTP, meaning you get the benefits of same-origin policies, and I believe can forward cookies / auth along easily for client-specific messaging.

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Software Engineer I, Resideo
Feb 14, 2022
Working on studying for my first AWS cert. Using https://learn.cantrill.io/courses to help me pass the exam. I know with my schedule it'll take some time to get there, but hoping to learn more about AWS!
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Software Engineer I, Resideo
Feb 02, 2022
I've been super interested in learning TypeScript and yesterday I finally sat down for an hour going over the basics. I can already see myself using it in side projects I may do in the future. 
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CTO, TopYield AG
Started 4 months ago
Super excited to start learning Next.js today!
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AI Trainer, EyS Global
Jan 31, 2022
Currently on the second course of the Practical Data Science specialization from Coursera
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Taekwondo Instructor, UWTA Taekwondo Center Lynnwood
Jan 09, 2022
After struggling with Firebase for a Next.js project, I moved over to  @prisma, @PostgreSQL, + @nextauthjs for database and user authentication. Way easier to implement than I thought and the docs for Prisma and Next-Auth are pretty great.  I definitely am using this combo again for future projects! 
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