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Freelance Graphic + Web Designer, Freelancing
Feb 13, 2022
Creating my own portfolio website using Webflow. This is the first time I've ever used Webflow and these are my results so far. 
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UX Designer, Bohemian Innovation
Aug 21, 2021
Designed a web page with 3D models onn Webflow using assets from Unity and with the help of Model Viewer. I added some useful links on the page so you can get started too.

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Product Marketing Director, Polywork
May 12, 2021
Have loved learning the Webflow platform. Building the Lolly&Cope website has been a learning curve but totally worth it. Excited to launch with this site and keep learning the platform.
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Co-Founder, Lolly
Founding Cohort Member, Women Build Web3
Jul 06, 2021
Working through Webflow University's Freelance Web Design Boot Camp course including site build-along for a fictional interior design firm. 
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