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Software Engineer, Experian
Apr 24, 2022
Revisiting C# - What cool videos, tutorials, books do you recommend?
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Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Mar 31, 2022
Final day of the internship 🍾

Broad summary of everything achieved during the past 6 months:

  • Worked on a CRM project in Dynamics CRM with a team, within a hybrid Agile-Waterfall methodology
  • Gleaned a rough idea of how complex a customized CRM system can get with the variety of features requested by a "realistic client"
  • Learned lots of technical stuff in Javascript and C# + .NET for implementing advanced functionality
  • Got exposed to coding + debugging in Visual Studio
  • Wrangled with various flows in Power Automate to assist in scheduled batch processing jobs, when usual workflows in Dynamics CRM don't cut it
  • Used Azure DevOps for task management with Kanban + version control of code through remote repositories
  • Got used to communicating with MS Teams to coordinate work efforts (especially critical in WFH arrangements)

Can't deny it's been illuminating coming from near-zero background in anything CRM, but it's certainly been challenging having to pick up a lot of stuff (especially coding) on the job💡
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Associate, CRM Solution Dev - Intern, Avanade
Developer, IQVIA
Jan 11, 2021
Started a new job as a Clinical Data Programmer / Rave Developer at IQVIA, Bangalore, India.

▪️ Working with Data Management resources to design EDC systems that are user-friendly and adhere to departmental standards & best practices.

▪️ Perform Rave Custom Function programming for the basic edit checks using C#.

▪️ Work distribution to fellow team members.

▪️ Perform end-to-end steps for any change control #CCB.
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Developer, IQVIA
Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Feb 18, 2022
Progress at end of 4th (mock) Sprint:
  • More wrangling of C# plugins: implementing a sort of "history log" feature that is useful for auditing
  • Wrestling with recurring cloud flows in Power Automate to allow periodic updates of records in the CRM system
  • Hammering together logic to calculate working minutes between given times
  • Fought as a team tackling the mammoth task of migrating instances + establishing separate development and staging environments

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Associate, CRM Solution Dev - Intern, Avanade
Senior Associate, CRM Solution Development, Avanade
Dec 31, 2021
Progress at end of 3rd (mock) Sprint:
  • More self-learning on C# + plug-in development
  • Configuring of more plug-ins
  • Configuring business rules + workflows:
    • Make use of an "Anonymous Customer" record
    • Further enhance case escalation process with email notifications
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Associate, CRM Solution Dev - Intern, Avanade