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Software Developer, Western National Insurance Group
Apr 18, 2022
Reviewed CSS via Angela Yu's Full Stack Web Development course on Udemy.

Section 4: Introduction to CSS
Section 5: Intermediate CSS

Completed tutorial portfolio assignment:


This is not a full and active portfolio site for myself. It is a demonstration of CSS skill completion only as a challenge project.
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Co-Founder, Overloadr
Jan 03, 2022
Started studying HTML and CSS at B7Web.
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Student Ambassador, Polywork
Mar 08, 2018
Learnt CSS.
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Built projects with HTML and CSS and I am super excited to learn more!!
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I was selected maintenance coordinator by my teammates for the Expotalento Virtual project for a year.

This project was a website created by a team member at that time (if you are reading this Juan Lovera, thank you so much for everything, you are awesome!) and it was promoted on campus to help students find internships and jobs. I was not able to accomplish all of the things I wanted (due to a lot of workload from college) but that experience gave me an understanding of the importance of having a better organization and to commit only to what I can deliver.

Also, it was the first time I was coding, maintaining and deploying code in a live production environment and it was AWESOME. It was a PHP website and I remember one of the tools I was using was Dreamweaver (oh god, those days).

In 2014, I made a promotional video for this website and if you are interested to see how the portal was at that time, you can click here

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AWS Consultant, iSolutions
Jan 09, 2022
Day 7:  CSS strugglebus.  Not a fan of this Cascading Style Sheets business.
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