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Designer for Hire (Remote), Toptal
Apr 08, 2022
Launched Stress Check. An application to help people track and manage their stress. My first opportunity to build front-end in Swift-UI.

Download from App Store
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TBS Customer Care , Telus International
Started about 1 month ago
December 2021 I Started the Journey of Learning Swift  

I started a beginners course with Codecademy And completed it ! 
Now I'll  be taking more Courses until I master it ! 

I am also Taking a Side Course with Pirple! 

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Coffee roaster and production assistant , Kaffe Räven
Started about 2 months ago
Improving my skills with SwiftUI, Combine and async-await at AC Academy. A month long 4 hour a day course to improve my skills. 
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Design Thinking & Design Doing, ODSU
Nov 09, 2017
Check this app prototype I made for fun.

I wanted to learn Objective-C & Swift, so I needed a challenge. I designed and created Kaput ! 

Designed in Sketch,
Coded in Xcode.
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Operational Systems Specialist, Ocado Technology
Feb 26, 2022
Started to learn SwiftUI :)
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