Led a cross-team collaboration.

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Digital Experience • People Leader, Tesla
Feb 04, 2022
As a day-to-day goal, I aim to continuously improve and support others in how we work together, across teams and the company, to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. 

Today, we knocked it out of the proverbial park.
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Digital Experience • People Leader, Tesla
Lead Developer, Integrity XD
Nov 28, 2019
When I started at Integrity we had a client called FTL Finance that had an outdated application used to manage loan applications. Since FTL wanted to start adding new features and integrations I was brought on to lead a rebuild of their app.

One of the main issues with the previous implementation was the use of languages and technologies that developers at our company weren't extremely familiar with. This is why I choose a full-stack Javascript stack, as it allowed our team to focus on mastering one language.

The second issue we wanted to improve was the use of hardcoded values. FTL is continuously testing new values and features, so we decided to move most of these options to settings that admins can configure. 

Another challenge with this app had been integrating with numerous companies and services. For example FTL integrates with:
  • Transunion
  • TrustEv
  • DocuSign
  • Twilio/Postmark
  • Salesforce
  • Tibco
  • LeaseComplete
  • Several partner's APIs
The biggest benefit I've seen for our client is the ability to now easily add new features, since I've put a team together that are all deeply familiar with the app.

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Lead Developer, Integrity XD

Adam Harmetz



Partner Director of Product, Microsoft
Aug 06, 2021
Did my first podcast last week: how to build coalitions within big companies. https://mindthebeet.com/matrix 
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Jr. UX Designer, SeeYouDoc
May 07, 2019
MMA one to 20/20

The MMA Week is the celebration of the 20 years of the Multimedia Arts Program of SDA at the DLS-CSB. Their extraordinary existence of excellence is shown through their bunch of activities! Open to all (Job Fair for students & alumni only)

  • Assigned as Team Head for the MMA Event that celebrates the 20 years of the Multimedia Arts Program of SDA at Benilde.
  • Planned and coordinated with the event organizer of ‘MMA one to 20/20’.
  • Understood the entire flow of the event, cascaded information, and divided responsibilities among video team leaders.
  • Oversaw production processes and ensured that the video team leaders were able to follow the overall vision for each project and submitted on schedule.
  • Earned a grade of 4.0 or A for the project.

University Event (FB Page)
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Project Manager, Big Block Realty
Oct 14, 2013
Excited to be sworn in as a board member of the OB Town Council. Looking forward to putting on a kick ass round of events, especially our annual Food & Toy Drive which benefits so many of our local families! 
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