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Backend Developer, iPhone Photography School
Dec 31, 2021
By the end of 2021 comes the end of my amazing Journey at 34ML. 

34ML team has always been and will always be a family to me that I will miss them a lot. 

It has been a wonderful era that I am so grateful it happened. 

Looking forward for the next phase in my career ✨
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Senior Backend Developer, StuDocu
Nov 01, 2020
Ended my journey as Tech Lead & Sr Software Engineer at 34ML!

I loved the team at 34ML and will always come back to the office to have a nice meal with the team. It was sad that I had to get out of my comfort zone and look for a better paying job to support my family because of COVID.

Picture from my farewell dinner with the team.
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Tech Lead & Sr Software Engineer, 34ML