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Ended my journey as Chair at UCD Netsoc!
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Chair, UCD Netsoc
Software Engineer, Tines
Aug 01, 2021
After two years at UCD Netsoc, I handed the position to an incoming second-year student. That said, I'll be perpetually around to deal with any unexpected shenanigans and as a boomer alumni. 

While there, I managed over 12k in assets, applied for grants from UCD, and liaised between our sponsors and bank for problems that came with the pandemic. Other than financials, I also helped organized two well-received CV/Interview workshops with external companies, an Introduction to React workshop with fellow classmates, and generally helped the committee wherever I could. 

I'm glad I took Oisín's (auditor at the time) advice and applied to be treasurer back in 2019. University life wouldn't be the same without the banter. I attribute my fourth-year sanity to Netsoc's ever-growing Discord server. 😌
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Treasurer, UCD Netsoc