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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 15, 2022
Live streamed another episode of Learning Rust with Advent of Code:

🦀 Rust vs 🐍 Python: Advent of code in Rust - solving day 15/2021 (Twitch Live 2022-05-16)

In this episode, we completed day 15 of Advent of Code y2021 using Rust and we compared our solution with Python!

In this episode we started by looking at a Python solution for this exercise (impressive how much more concise Python always is!) then we implemented our custom solution in Rust.

If you have any suggestion, we'd love to hear it, so please leave a comment or a create a PR!

For all the source code check out the official GitHub repo:

For seeing the next episodes live check out our Twitch channel:

#Rust #Python #AoC
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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 09, 2022
Live streamed another episode of Solving advent of code in Rust (with some amazing Python comparison)
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Issuing Tokens on the XRP Ledger with xrpl-py

I am joined again by RippleX Software Engineer, Mayukha to have another play with the new Python library for accessing the XRP Ledger.

In this episode we create our own token, the FRIEND token on the XRP Ledger and trade it on the decentralized exchange.

Guest: Mayukha Vadari, Software Engineer,  RippleX.
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Director of Developer Relations, Ripple
Twitch stream: Sending XRP via iMessages

I'm joined by Shree (@nvs307) demoing an iOS app he has been working on that sends XRP via iMessages
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Director of Developer Relations, Ripple
Using Machine Learning to Catalog Modular Synthesizers - Part I

A live coding session on the IBM Developer Twitch channel in which we are developing an app to detect, recognise and catalog modules in a modular synthesizer panel.  You can read more about this mini-project here:

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Developer Advocate - IBM Cloud AI/ML, IBM