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Developer Advocate, Appwrite
May 03, 2022
It's Still Just Angular
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Developer Advocate, Aiven
Feb 23, 2022

Apache Flink SQL AMA
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Developer Advocate, Cloudflare
Mar 10, 2022
I did a live stream session on the channel with Obinna Ekwuno.

I will need to improve my audio for the next one...
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Senior Software Engineer, Wistia
Feb 16, 2022

Stand out as a junior web developer

Had a ton of fun speaking with Leanne from Scrimba!
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Artist, Self-employed
Apr 28, 2020
Did my first Youtube live stream
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Women Techmakers Engineering Fellow, Google
Jan 02, 2022
I organised my first workshop as a GitHub Campus Expert!🚩 Named Headstart, it was an all-you-need-to-know session for freshers starting their college lives.

The live stream was focused on introducing these aspiring developers to what lies ahead for them in student life and things they can do to make the best out of their 4 years. We discussed about getting started with programming, building portfolios, career prep and much more! ✨

It was fun interacting with juniors from college, being able to connect despite not stepping foot into the campus. The audience was super enthusiastic and engaged with 400+ total viewers of the stream! 🥳 Students reported that they left feeling more confident about pursuing their tech careers!

The response was beyond amazing for a first time event, and I hope it serves as a step in the right direction of my vision of creating a programming culture at my college! 👩‍💻✨
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