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—Designer, JVB
Feb 11, 2022
In 2019,  I published Piolin @MyFonts. It's available here too.
It's an intriguing display font with several opentype features ready to add some magic to your artwork.
Give it a try!
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Software Engineer, Wealthsimple
Jun 30, 2021
Nothing like extending my cat software catalogue by adding a cat font to the mix. 🐱
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Senior Digital Creative Freelance, kosmar
Dec 15, 2021
Working with Glyphs and loving it
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Senior Digital Creative Freelance, kosmar
Content Creator, AndrewDavidJ
Aug 08, 2021
Hey all!

Here’s a silly font I made! It’s intended for use in games, but you can use it for print or art or anything else you’d like!

It features the base font, a variant, a randomized one, and a version of each without ligatures.

Check it out here!

It’s my first time making one, so I’m open to all feedback and suggestions!
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