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Founding Engineer,
Feb 01, 2022
Five Year Spiral Calendar

Designed this with CuttleXYZ, our parametric design app. Text and marks are done with a pen plotter, for nice crisp vector lines. The form invites lots of tactile exploration (video thread).
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Software Engineer,
Jan 11, 2022
Playing around with the "sand painting" technique in processing.js :)
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Senior Software Engineer, Percy
Started 4 months ago
This year I'm participating in Genuary, a generative art challenge with a new prompt each day of January.

My art is over on So far I've been using JavaScript with React and Paper.js.
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Director, Product Design, Twitter
Jan 07, 2022
Working on a generative art / merch side project
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Founder, Clara B. Development
Oct 01, 2021
I started CODESKETCHTOBER, a month-long generative art challenge. You'll notice I say "started" and not "completed." This is both because I technically invented codesketchtober, and because I did not complete it. (Instead, I broke my leg doing a relay race at a bachelorette party, which was more time consuming than you might think.)

Anyway, generative art.
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Product Designer , MainStreet
Started 6 months ago
Now my personal site supports theming 🌝🌚 plus: the p5js generative background also adapts to these preferences! I couldn't be happier with today's progress ✨
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