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Apr 30, 2022
Finally, I started the step of making Youtube videos for my brand, to spread social innovation insights widely. Please contact me if any of you are interested, also join our Discord community:

Youtube channel:

Have a nice day!
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Product Designer | Design Lead, Vampr
Apr 15, 2021
After founding arizo we made a short reel video about us.

Video Link
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Tech Writer Sr., Méliuz
Apr 06, 2022

Novo canal no YouTube já com conteúdo novo

Hoje inauguro (de novo) meu canal no YouTube!!! Agora com cortes das lives da Twitch.

Estreia 12h (pois ainda tô configurando algumas coisas):

🆕 [CORTE] XAML - Definindo colunas de um Grid numa aplicação Windows
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React Developer, DhiWise
Jul 16, 2021
Created a YouTube video demonstrating Github Co-Pilot
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Nurse, HealthCare
Feb 27, 2022
Do We Need A Black Girl Luxury Movement?
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