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Software Engineer, Coiled
May 17, 2022
Yesterday and Today I spent a bunch of time addressing open PR's on the open-source project opsdroid. We had a few PR's that were open for a while, it feels good to finally get them merged in!
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Software Engineer, Coiled
Apr 15, 2022
Done some maintainer work for the open-source project opsdroid. Today consisted on:

  • Code reviews
  • Merging PRs
  • Replying to issues

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Software Engineer, Some Stealth Startup
Nov 16, 2021
Spent the evening making Continuous Integration changes to file-manager, upl and Kinda annoying that Docker Hub builds are now Pro-only, so I switched to GitHub Actions. I'd totally pay for Docker Hub builds, but the volume of builds and number of pulls I do is too low to justify spending money.
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Director, Big Attic
Aug 20, 2021

Plaiceholder Hits 1000 GitHub Stars

Thank you! × 1000 ✨
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Head of Engineering, Palolo
Oct 01, 2016
Maintained first Recurly SDK in Golang 
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Backend Engineer, Blacklight CMS
Software developer and mathematician, Matematické a statistické projekty a software s.r.o.
Nov 24, 2017