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Club Leader, Hack Club
Started 10 days ago
I'm building a new io game for fun! 

What should I name it 🤔
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CEO, Gamma Minus
May 03, 2022
Very excited that the game we're currently developing, Rough Justice: '84 just won the Nordic Game Discovery Contest qualifier. 
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CEO, Gamma Minus
Apr 10, 2022
 It's been a long road with many highs and lows, but one thing is for certain, we've made progress! In this little clip, you can see the initial prototype compared to the present build.
Rough Justice: '84 is a single-player time management game currently in development.

Do what it takes to make your fledgling security agency thrive. Advise your team on the best course of action, through strategy, calculated decisions, and a bit of luck. Use dice and cards to turn the odds in your favor in this neon '80s management game.

More info can be found on our steam page.
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FullStack Developer, Oxygis Partners
Started 4 months ago
Currently building a MVP for a little story-driven 📝 game 🃏 in Flutter 🧑‍💻
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Started 5 months ago
My hobby project game BuzzWords is finally playable! Still tons more work to do before other people can try it but it's already insanely fun.
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Creative Technologist, Sprettynice
May 12, 2014
Collaborating to create a re-usable framework for interactive graphic novels, and applying this to a 2.5D short series of graphic novels.
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