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Mentored a Junior Engineer as part of my program at the TalentQL pipeline program.
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Engineering Manager, Spotify
Mar 09, 2022
I joined MentorColor recently and today was my first mentoring session. I helped a recent grad evaluate the different offers they had and how to prepare for an upcoming interview.
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Engineering Manager , Vox Media
Feb 18, 2022
A career journey at a company is really about trajectory. 

As a manager, I’m there to help aim and fire, but your range is tied to how you're aligned to the business, work, and industry.

A couple of things we look at:
- business impact
- engineering impact
- social impact

My engineer had multiple accomplishments so we wrote about 1-2 themes in each section and included a bulleted list of key accomplishments backed by links and evidence. Past tense.

I also took screenshots of major and public work meetings where there was a presentation or some sort of knowledge shared outside of my immediate team. 

I look several levels up the career and at least one level down. I also keep the career ladder open and leverage that language when I’m writing. 

It’s easy to get short-sighted and forget there’s life & work beyond 1 promotion.

Adding visuals helps break up all the text. Sometimes showing is better than telling.

I also use and collect feedback from others. 

Search and screenshot in Slack. 

Throughout the year I try to shout out ICs when there’s cross-collaboration, and if it gets mentioned or talked about a level above me, it gets documented. 👀

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Google Developers Expert (Android), Google Developers
Mar 07, 2020

 Judge & Mentor of Digital Pakistan Hackfair Flutter Competition 

To bring new ideas and innovation for Digital Pakistan campaign, there was a competition announced for anyone. The idea was to create any app specifically in Flutter technology which solves any problem of Pakistan or bring something to Digital Pakistan campaign.

I was invited as one of the judges of the competition and was the mentor for any kind of help/advice in Flutter from the Android perspective.

There were more than 500 participants in the competition with about 50 projects submitted. Since the competition was online and was ongoing for a full month from 20th January to 20th February, I was playing a role as a mentor for participants to provide them help with their technical problems and issues. 

After the competition, I along with others judged each submission individually and graded those. Out of those 48, 14 have been shortlisted for the next round and 3 will be selected as winners.

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Google Developers Expert (Android), Google Developers
Apr 15, 2020

 Mentoring and Career Advising through Zoom 

I got a booking through Calendly to mentor a fresh graduate about how he should move forward with the tech and startups after CS degree. I shared some tips about personal branding as developer, my journey to GDE and how MBA can play a good part in his vision being a coder.

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Google Developers Expert (Android), Google Developers
Apr 20, 2020

 Bug Fix Help in Fragments and Database Query Issue 

I helped a student with a bug in Fragments and a Database query issue in the Room for his Android app.

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