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Mentor - DSA Interview Preparation, GDSC IGDTUW
Feb 11, 2022
Selected to be a part of HackNITP 4.0, the annual hackathon at NIT Patna, as a Mentor
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Mentor - DSA Interview Preparation, GDSC IGDTUW
May 06, 2022
Mentored students at a national level hackathon Hash Define 2022
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Director General, yourscienceBC
May 06, 2022
At #yourscienceBC we believe in mentorship and knowledge sharing, that's why we embrace with enthusiasm the requests for mentorship that we receive.
Yesterday we had a couple of meetings with two startups from the #AdMaCom, the acceleration challenge promoted by INAM - Innovation Network for Advanced Materials.
Every year we are impressed by the quality of the technologies proposed. Technologies, not projects, not ideas. Technologies. Knowledge compressed which becomes a solution for a business case. The startups we met yesterday were sincerely impressive and we will be proud to give our contribution to their success. Looking forward to meeting another one today!
#network #innovation #startups #technology #technologytransfer
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Web Application Developer, Kirschbaum Development Group
Started 11 days ago

Mentoring a new developer

Since March 2022, I have been actively mentoring a new developer who is trying to break into the world of web development. She has started with the #100Devs curriculum, and now we are working through practical ways to get hands-on experience in the web development world.

Currently, we have weekly check-in meetings where we can talk about successes and difficulties from the past week, as well as set up specific goals to achieve in the coming week. We also do some hands-on instruction if there is a topic that is unclear, but that's only needed on occasion, since my mentee is learning really, really quickly on her own!

In between the meetings, we have created a learning path that will guide her explorations outside of the 100Devs curriculum. One of her goals is to become a front-end web developer, and then dive into back-end development to eventually become full-stack, so we have built this learning path from the ground-up to align with this (and other) goals, as well as the time-frame that she's looking to achieve all of this within.

If anyone reading this has considered trying out mentorship, know that it is well worth the time you put in! The world of software needs more mentors who want to bring people into the profession, so why not you?
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Data Scientist, KPMG
Apr 01, 2022
Started Mentoring through PyData Global
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Co-Founder | Product Designer, Instint
Started 16 days ago
Since my last couple of jobs, I've been doing all the activities that are required to be an effective product designer and a great example for my peers.
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