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Frontend Developer , Propfunds
May 07, 2022
I migrated all the HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes of Tech Roadmap's website to ReactJs and Styled-components. I also bought a new domain and hosted it on vercel.
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Founder, Pixel Chat
Started 27 days ago
Wooo finally working on a new project! 

Creating a new file sharing service called "Toss To"

More info coming soon, very excited for this one!
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Founder, LabsHQ
Apr 14, 2022

Bought .dev Domain

Finally! Leveled up to higher level! I managed to buy .dev domain, and use it now on all my services. Hope it will be great for me :)
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Associate Software Engineer, Genesys
Jan 29, 2022
Released the new version of my portfolio

I built in Nextjs, Tailwind and React. 
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Body Painter and Photgrapher, Self-Employeed
Feb 25, 2022
As well as on my website
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Product Designer, Platzi
Feb 24, 2022
Launch alert!!! 🚀

I just published my website in @framer Sites and would love to have your feedback.

Also, if you're interested in receiving my upcoming productivity systems and web design templates, please sign up to the newsletter ❤️
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